Weekly Green Cards

On our team we are using “green cards” to help with 5th Grade Responsibility. The green cards travel with the students to every class they attend. The teacher will mark the card if any of the rules have been broken. This is a great way for you to gauge your child’s weekly behavior and responsibility.

Green cards will be a vital role in our communication. If your child is missing a homework assignment or breaks any 5th Grade Rules, this will be indicated on their green card. Classroom rules are listed on the right side of the card:

Fifth Grade Rules:
  1. Listen when others are talking
  2. Follow directions
  3. Completes all assignments/prepared for class
  4. Works quietly and does not disturb others
  5. Shows respect for school personal property
  6. Works and plays in a safe manner

If you see a number in one of the squares this will indicate which rule was broken (if any) in class. Our goal is to keep the green card blank, meaning your child has followed all of the rules. Please discuss these green cards with your child as we will in class.

Every week your child’s green card needs to be signed and returned to school Monday morning. The green cards are part of our Positive Behavior Plan, Students whose weekly cards have less than 3 marks will participate in a weekly positive behavior celebration. Students who receive 3 or more marks on their weekly green card will have a regular academic block